Why join a Wine Club?

Unless you are in the heart of the Cape wine country, it's difficult to discover new favourites. Doomed to the selection of your local shop.  Trust in our wine experts, we seek out the gems.

We take time finding the wineries where people really love what they do, and the wine is made with passion. This is where you learn about the grape.
Gain understanding of terroir, the soil and climate of an area, and how that can affect a wine. Their passion is infectious and we hope to pass that passion from the producers all the way to you.

Join us on this journey where we discover wonderful wines that we can share with you. Each month we find some new wines to try, and share old favorites that have been released.

The smaller wineries don't have massive budgets to market themselves. They put everything into making a good wine, and rely on the product to sell itself, which can make it difficult for you to find those well loved wines.

Our experts swish and sample for you, helping you find your perfect wine.

Remember to take care of your wines, keep them in a cool place. This will allow them to last that much longer and remember a slightly cooler wine ( around 12 deg C) always tastes better.

Thanks for popping by. We look forward to hearing from you - please let us know how you are enjoying your wine, and also do not hesitate to let us know if we could do something different to improve our service.

Vinous regards,

The Wine Club Team