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Wine Club - The place to meet new wine

Wine Club - The perfect place to meet new wine.

The phenolic splendour and uniqueness of our South African terroir demands continuous discovery. Exploring South African wine has never been easier. 
At Wine Club SA we set out on a tireless pursuit to explore so that you may discover flavours, intensities, complexities in wines you never knew existed, from the comfort of your own home. 

Call us the "Wine Matchmakers" of the wine industry. With a few clicks of the computer mouse, fast home-delivery...and Voila, your wine arrives at its final resting place, your home cellar. 
Weapon of choice, cork screw. One swift, cork-wielding manoeuvre and your selection from Wine Club SA is luxuriating your wine glass, ready for discovery.

Lots of Choices


  • Hand-picked wines tasted and selected, by our wine experts.
  • An opportunity to discover delicious value driven quality wines.
  • Regular supply of great wines for every occasion.
  • Hassle free shopping from the comfort of your home.
  • An easy and convenient way to keep your wine collection stocked regularly.
  • Enjoy popular styles and seasonal wines when they are released.
  • Flexible membership allows you to pause your membership or adjust the quantity of your order.
  • Try new wines all the time, instead of always drinking your "favorites".

Choose your Budget

At Wine Club SA we allow you to decide what you want to receive and how often. Let us match your budget and your consumption rate.

  • Choose between whites, reds or mixed cases.
  • Decide if you want to receive wine every month or every 2 months.
  • Find your wine budget by deciding on value or premium wines.
  • Don't worry if you just love bubbly, we can help you there too.
  • When you find a new favorite in your selection, you can easily order more.
  • Pause you order for a month or two, if you are going away.
  • Or, double you order for a month or two, for those special occasions.
  • We are completely flexible with no contracts, ever.
  • Just one month's notice is all we need to stop sending you wine.
  • All deductions go off your credit card early in the month.
Try New Wines

Instead of always drinking those same wines you always enjoy. Let our experts match you with wines that you might never try.

  • We mostly work with small estates, where wines are made in tiny, loved batches.
  • It's time to discover how well a wine can be made when it isn't being mass produced.
  • Try a mixed batch and discover your new favourite red and white.

Why join a Wine Club?

Unless you are in the heart of the Cape wine country, it's difficult to discover new favourites. Doomed to the selection of your local shop.  Trust in our wine experts, we seek out the gems.

We take time finding the wineries where people really love what they do, and the wine is made with passion. This is where you learn about the grape.
Gain understanding of terroir, the soil and climate of an area, and how that can affect a wine. Their passion is infectious and we hope to pass that passion from the producers all the way to you.

Join us on this journey where we discover wonderful wines that we can share with you. Each month we find some new wines to try, and share old favorites that have been released.

The smaller wineries don't have massive budgets to market themselves. They put everything into making a good wine, and rely on the product to sell itself, which can make it difficult for you to find those well loved wines.

Our experts swish and sample for you, helping you find your perfect wine.

Remember to take care of your wines, keep them in a cool place. This will allow them to last that much longer and remember a slightly cooler wine ( around 12 deg C) always tastes better.

Thanks for popping by. We look forward to hearing from you - please let us know how you are enjoying your wine, and also do not hesitate to let us know if we could do something different to improve our service.

Vinous regards,

The Wine Club Team


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